Friday, October 9, 2009

Opera in XIII: The Conspiracy

Maybe I haven't watched too many movies, so this was the first time I saw Opera in a film. I was excited that I replayed to see the icon again :)

XIII was rescued by an old couple after being coma on a tree with a parachute. He woke up without remembering who the hell he was and what in the world he did, yet his could still show off his various skills.

He tried to use the old folk’s machine which had Opera installed (notice the dot dot dot (…) button?):
XIII uses Opera

Opera couldn’t connect:
2009-10-09 Opera2

Old man said the internet has not been functioning for more than a year, it must have been disconnected. XIII said that some ISPs are so lazy that they just disable users by blocking hardware ID. So he took off the modem cover (which was not screwed or glued together at all), adjusted a DIP switch,
2009-10-09 DIP

spoofed the MAC address,
2009-10-09 Spoof

and voilĂ , he’s online with HOT hit (#1 user-rated search engine)!
2009-10-09 Online

“You can't even remember your own name. How did you manage to do that?” the old man asked with a curious look.
2009-10-09 Old folk

“I have no idea,” XIII replied.
2009-10-09 No idea


  1. loooooooool.. :)I know this is an old post, but do know if hothit search engine is real, damn I spent some time googling for hothit search engine.. and with no luck..

  2. some movies love to make up their own search engines, maybe to avoid copyright infringement, ever watch "Hot Tub Time Machine"? There is a 'Lougle' search engine.

  3. so HotHit is not exists ..
    thx fxam